Pole Dancing Classes
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Pink Fitness offers women in the Phoenix area a variety of Pole Dancing class options to meet your pole dance experience, fitness level, and schedule. All pole dancing classes are developed by certified Pole Dance Fitness Instructors to ensure you receive the highest quality instruction. Our pole classes are carefully structured to include safety and injury prevention, a simple break down of moves, and variations of tricks to accommodate all levels of students. Pole Dancing Classes are available in the following formats:

Pole Dance Fitness Classes

 Pole Dancing Classes

Pole dance fitness classes are 45 minute classes held regularly at Pink Fitness’ Peoria studio. These classes are suitable for all experience and fitness levels, even beginners. Instructors structure these pole dance classes to offer variations of all pole tricks and exercises to accommodate each student’s individual abilities. Students can take as few or as many drop-in pole dance classes as they want at the schedule and pace they choose.

Pole Aerobics

This 45 minute class focuses on simple choreography, including pole tricks, transitions, and filler moves. During the class your instructor will teach an entire pole dance routine. Each instructor teaches a different routine, and the routines change on a regular basis. The goal of this class is to keep you moving so that you get an amazing workout while learning a fun pole dance routine. No prior pole dance experience is necessary as instructors teach variations of all tricks to accommodate all levels of students and provide detailed instruction on safety and injury prevention. View the Schedule.

Pole Fit

Since 2009 Pink Fitness has offered this unique class that provides a full body workout using the pole as a stabilizer and for resistance to build toned, sexy muscles. This is a non-dance class – no choreography is taught in this class. The class may teach strength-related tricks, but the focus is on toning and performing strength building exercises on the pole combined with traditional fitness. This class is suitable for all fitness levels.  View the Schedule.



Pole Dancing Workshops

 Pole Dancing Classes

For those who want to focus more on detailed instruction on pole dance tricks and choreography, Pink Fitness and our instructors have offered a variety of pole dance workshops for women throughout the Phoenix area since 2006. These workshops range from 1 – 2 hours and each focus on different areas of pole dance skills. The pole dance workshop schedule rotates each month, so be sure to check the schedule for the most current class offerings.

Unlike many studios that offer 6 week courses, we break up the content into individual one hour workshops. This allows you to pick and choose just the material you want to focus on, in the order you choose, but still have the opportunity to progress to more advanced levels by repeating individual workshops until you and your instructor decide you are ready to move up.  View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Dance Orientation

The Pole Dance Orientation class is perfect for anybody who has never touched a pole before, feels she is not a good dancer, or is just looking to give pole dancing a try. The one hour workshop focuses on simple choreography and foundation pole dance moves to provide you with a preview of what to expect in our workshops, and does not include any weight bearing tricks. Poles are not shared in class – each student gets her own pole for class. View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Foundation

The Pole Foundation one hour workshop lays the groundwork for learning to safely perform pole tricks and spins. This class is a pre-requisite for any tricks classes. During this one hour workshop you will learn the four foundation movements that are the basis of most spins. You will receive detailed instruction on safety, injury prevention, body alignment, and how to safely achieve the proper momentum for tricks. There is no routine to follow in this class, but this class can be repeated as many times as needed.

This class is excellent for those new to pole dance who are interested in learning tricks, at-home learners who want to learn how to identify and break down tricks they see, or current pole dancers who are looking to correct any bad habits for better safety and understanding of pole tricks. View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Tricks

The Pole Tricks series of workshops gives you the chance to build on the skills learned in the Pole Foundation workshop to learn tricks and spins. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of pole tricks classes are available. Each class focuses on several tricks catered to your individual level, with modifications available to help you as you gain strength and improve your skills. Classes can be repeated as often as you would like, and your instructor will help you decide when you are ready to move on to the next level. *Pole Tricks Foundation or instructor approval is required before enrolling in a Pole Tricks course. View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Choreography

Pole Choreography workshops teach you the “dance” part of pole dance. You will learn transitions, choreography and filler moves that can be used alone or combined with tricks learned in the tricks workshops. You will focus on adding grace, fluidity, and interest to your pole dance with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels available. There is no pre-requisite for this class, and it may be repeated as many times as you would like. View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Climbing

The Pole Climbing workshop teaches the proper techniques for climbing the pole, sitting on the pole, holding yourself on the pole with your lower body, and how to safely dismount. Pole climbing adds a new level to your pole dance skills and is helpful for those who plan to continue to the advanced tricks workshop. Shorts are required for this class, and stripper heels are highly recommended. View the Workshop Schedule.

Spinning Pole Techniques

Pink Fitness features X-Poles, which allow the option to work on either a stationary or spinning pole. This workshop teaches you the different techniques for working with momentum on a spinning pole * Pole Tricks Foundation or instructor approval is required before enrolling in a Spinning Pole course. View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Inverts & Tricks

For those who enjoy the acrobatic side of pole dance, we offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced Pole Inverts classes. These classes combine exercises to build the strength needed to flip upside down on the pole, along with detailed instruction on safe techniques. You will start learning inverts from the floor and progress at your own pace to eventually invert from a standing position, and a climb. View the Workshop Schedule.

“Bringing It All Together”

So you’ve mastered the pole foundation moves, and taken the tricks and choreography classes. Now what? The “Bringing It All Together” workshops teach you how to start combining the skills you have learned to perform a fluid routine using all of your skills. These workshops teach sample routines, and include practice exercises to help you start to build your own routines. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels are available. View the Workshop Schedule.

Pole Performance

This workshop series allows you the chance to show off your pole skills upon graduation with a class recital where you can invite your friends and significant other. Over the course of 4 weeks your instructor will work with your class to develop a group performance including choosing a song, choreography, and costuming. The series will be offered for both beginner and intermediate level students with choreography modifications made to accommodate each student’s individual skill level. View the Workshop Schedule.

Private and Small Group Pole Dancing Lessons

 Pole Dancing ClassesThese lessons provide confidential, one-on-one instruction tailored to meet your individual needs, interests, and fitness and skill levels. From beginner through advanced, we can match you with the perfect instructor for your goals, whether you want to learn a routine for a special occasion, are a dancer who would like one on one help, or are looking to advance your pole dance skills with individualized instruction.

Visit our Private Pole Dancing Lessons page to learn more about private pole dance lesson scheduling, pricing, and options.



Pole Dancing Parties

 Pole Dancing ClassesPole Dancing Parties are a great option for groups who are looking for a fun and unique way to spend a girls night out. We offer a variety of options including in home parties throughout the Phoenix area, parties at our Peoria studio, and options to learn pole dancing, lap dancing, burlesque, and more.

Visit our Pole Dancing Parties page to learn more about our pole dance parties or to schedule a party.